Thursday, June 4, 2009

Searching for the Perfect Internship

I finally found the perfect internship. And believe me, it was not easy. This just in: The economy sucks. Even unpaid internships were being cancelled, can you believe that?! On top of the economy being in a terrible position, I was in Denmark while trying to find the perfect internship to spend my last summer and last opportunity to intern in NYC before graduating and entering the workforce. I saw this summer as extremely important; it was my last chance to make some great connections in New York, where I may want to settle down, for a while at least.

It was stressful. Not only was the economy bad (did I mention that enough times already?) but being half way across the world made it more difficult to conduct an in person interview, call companies daily to ask about internship programs or inquire about my application and schedule phone interviews.

I had already secured my internship for last summer in February. This year, I was abroad for 4 months and spending 3 weeks traveling the world in April (spring break) with the anxiety of returning home without the important internship I had been hoping for. Then, about a week before returning to NYC I had two internship opportunities: one from MTV and another from a financial firm. The financial firm did not focus too much on marketing which is not what I was hoping for, and people who know me could easily say that I would probably enjoy myself more at MTV. Then again, who wouldn't?

The decision had been made, I would intern at MTV/Viacom in the Ad Sales department for Vh1.